LucyMathewsHeegaard ArtistStatement

I am a story collector. I choose the word “collector” very purposefully because I don’t create stories from my imagination. I collect them from real life. My purpose is to share stories that encourage us to linger in spaces of reflection, growth, and well-being. There’s so much negative news in the world today, pressing problems that desperately need our attention and care, but I don’t think we can adequately address what’s wrong in the world without bolstering ourselves significantly with what nourishes our spirits. This is what motivates every story I create.

Stories are a two-way street, the listening is just as important as the telling. Please feel free to leave comments on my posts because I’d love to hear your stories, too, and I know other readers would, as well.

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Recent Stories

2014_04_Glendalough_©2014LucyMathewsHeegaard On Doing the Right Thing June 6, 2016 - A few years ago, when I heard Irish poet Seamus Heaney introduce his poem “St. Kevin and The Blackbird,” I was touched by his description of the story as “a little meditation” on “doing the right thing for the reward of doing the right thing.”
_MG_0185 An Ode to Light (and my Sister) December 11, 2015 - “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” ― William Shakespeare
©J.MarionBrown An American Elegy November 30, 2015 - "a reminder of how fragile and precious life is and how intimately connected we all are as human beings" —composer Frank Ticheli
Cuba Letter Excerpt1 Of Letters and Stories and Cuban Revolution October 29, 2015 - Imagine stumbling upon a letter that placed your parents in the midst of the Cuban revolution, almost on the very day when Fidel Castro came to power in 1959.
Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.53.12 AM Jules of Nature September 25, 2015 - The story of Wisconsin nature photographer, J. Marion Brown, who captures moments in nature the rest of us miss and reminds us of the beauty and power of paying attention.