LucyMathewsHeegaard ArtistStatement

I call myself a story “collector” because I don’t create stories from my imagination, I collect them from real life. I love to dabble in various forms of digital media and enjoy mixing sounds, photographs, spoken narrative, and video with the written word to amplify the meaning and emotion in the stories I tell. My theory is that if a story touches our hearts, we’ll not only be far more likely to remember it, we’ll probably never forget it.

There’s so much negative news in the world today, pressing problems that desperately need our attention and care, but I don’t think we can adequately address what’s wrong in the world without bolstering ourselves significantly with what nourishes our spirits.

Stories are a two-way street. The listening is as important as the telling. Please feel welcomed to share your own thoughts and stories in the comments section of each post.

Recent Stories

vintage apron 1964. photograph ©2017 Lucy Mathews Heegaard. The Apron - A souvenir apron from New York City in 1964 becomes an enduring love note from my grandmother
Airport Delays 12 Things I Learned on a Truly Crappy Travel Day - Part travelogue, part insider tips on the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and part confessional, this is a chronicle of my experience trying to get somewhere without success.
Where the Angels Live - Originally posted on Full Voice -- Barbara McAfee:
Several years ago my friend Lucy Mathews Heegaard invited me to collaborate on an intriguing project: a series of greeting cards each with a music CD inside. The CD would…