Wandering Dublin

“Not all those who wander are lost.”— J.R.R. Tolkien

The only way I know to become acquainted with a city is to wander its streets by myself. Though I always start out with a destination in mind, I often choose to veer off course, taking detours or following alleyways that seem to beckon. Given my poor sense of direction, I do arrive in some unexpected places on occasion. But I never consider myself lost.

I don’t do as much wandering these days as I did when I was younger. However, a recent trip to Dublin gave me the nudge I needed to change that and I was reminded how priceless it is to explore a new city for the first time.

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  1. I share your thing for doors. Great images – all of them. Now Dublin’s on the list!

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video, Lucy! I loved it. Your beautiful photographs were perfect with the ukulele music,..(I’m currently taking lessons and will see if I can order this CD!!)

    • Thanks so much, Jean! Glad you enjoyed it. I love it that you are taking ukulele lessons! I am a strong believer that the tiny but mighty uke makes the world a happier place. I have long been a fan of Ken Middleton’s ukulele playing and was inspired to attend the Wine Country Ukulele Festival this past September just so I could take a workshop from him. I pulled the songs for this video from his youtube site not a CD, but he does have ebooks for sale that provide his arrangements of some of his songs. And he also graciously shares many arrangements for free via youtube and his website.

      • The Wine Country Ukulele Festival? Oh my, that sounds like heaven! I must go! Thanks for the info about where to get his music! I’ll check out his youtube site!

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  4. Lucy,
    Glad you enjoyed our fair city – and our Gaol.
    Love the photos, and it was a pleasure having you with us for an all too brief time


    • The pleasure was mine, Micheal. It was my lucky day to have gotten to meet you and, as you can see, the Gaol made a big impression on me. Your website on Kilmainham history — http://kilmainhamtales.ie — is an amazing resource. For any who happen upon my site, I also highly recommend your book on Anne Devlin, one of the Gaol’s notable prisoners and a key figure in Ireland’s struggle to become a democratic republic, for those who are unfamiliar with her. The lengths to which you have gone to preserve and publicize her story and her bravery touch me greatly.

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