Jules of Nature

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.”— William Wordsworth

Wisconsin nature photographer J. Marion Brown has been taking pictures since her kids were born, but became passionate about nature photography in the 1990s when she began camping with her family on the wooded property where they ultimately built a home, after years of testing it out first in tents. With her trusty Canon in hand, she has honed the practice of paying attention to a fine art (literally) as she catches glorious moments in nature the rest of us miss.

nature photographer J. Marion Brown, captured on film by Lee Ann Olson.For almost five years now, Brown has been sharing a photograph each day on her tumblr site, Jules of Nature, pairing each of her images with an astutely chosen quote, graciously offering, as her website says, “food for the soul and a feast for the eyes.” I start my day there every morning over coffee for the lovely pause it gives me.

Brown is a trusted and treasured collaborator of mine, both for her incredible portfolio of images and for her wise critique, which always helps my work become better than it would have been otherwise. Awhile back, I asked her to tell me why she likes being behind the lens. Her answer is in this short video about her work, a labor of love that’s become a way of life for her.

Credits: Image of J. Marion Brown taken by Lee Ann Olson. Music for the video is a song called The White Birds by Wall Matthews, performed live in the WFMU studio on the Irene Trudel Show and used with the gracious permission of the artist. Nature sounds during the closing credits were recorded by R. H. Humphries and provided via his page at freesound.org.




7 Comments on “Jules of Nature

  1. Beautifully, thoughtfully done; just like everything Julie puts her heart into.

  2. It’s a talent to be able to showcase the soul of someone’s work. Thank you for sharing J. Marion Brown’s handsome and often soothing photos.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. My religion is nature and Julie’s photography defines my feelings. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Bud. One of my favorite of Julie’s comments is her remark about attention and intention. I definitely settle in to what’s good in the world when I look at Julie’s work.

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