12 Things I Learned on a Truly Crappy Travel Day

Airport Delays

Given that I like to focus on positive, hopeful, nurturing messages and stories, I never thought I would write a post with the title I have given this one. But the truth is, everything is not always rosy. And not everything turns out the way you wish it would.

Part travelogue, part insider tips on the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and part confessional, this is a chronicle of my experience trying to get somewhere without success yesterday. Thunderstorms and flooding in the Atlanta area led to over 3,000 flight cancellations that began the day of the storm and rippled into the next several days, impacting flights across the country. I never made it farther than a few hundred yards from my gate and the airplane never traveled faster than I can walk on a slow day, yet luckily there were still some silver linings.

Travel Delays Headaches Snafus

Since I created this piece on Adobe’s Spark platform, which is becoming one of my favorite tools for quickly journaling an idea or telling a story, you have to click one the image above (or HERE) to read the 12 things I learned.

2 Comments on “12 Things I Learned on a Truly Crappy Travel Day

  1. You were missed !!!!!😱🤕😳🙃

    You were missed!!!!!
    Mom did great! Lee Ann tried to get your digital info to you and your Mom will receive at least 50 more honors!
    Did you get home safely. ?
    I wanted to chat with you about your work, but we can do that someday. Not enough time anyway.
    Was it Scarlett who said: “tomorrow is another day”!
    Love to you

    • Thank you, Mrs. Y-C! I was sad yesterday to be so far away but loved seeing the photos and video Lee Ann sent. I did get home because I never actually left the Minneapolis airport. Ten hours and many attempts and my Birmingham leg of travel was ultimately cancelled, so I called it quits Friday evening and returned to my house. Have since been reading the Atlanta Constitution Journal and have learned that the Masters golf tournament is, in part, the reason why I couldn’t find a car in Atlanta in order to fly half-way there and then drive, which was one of the many back up strategies I was attempting to make work. The Masters + 2 days of stranded travelers ahead of me meant nary a rental car to be had. Alas, I’ll take comfort in your confidence that there are many more awards ahead for my mama ( I can believe it :) and I’ll hope to see you soon!

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