Hiking the Tortolita Mountains

A photo essay on hiking in Tortolita Mountain Park in suburban Tucson, Arizona, during an abundant wildflower season. Click the image below to enter the story.

©2019 Lucy Mathews Heegaard Arizona wildflowers hiking in Tucson

4 Comments on “Hiking the Tortolita Mountains

  1. Thank you, Lucy… Beautiful! Look forward to seeing you soon, back in Springtime in Minnesota! We plan to start our drive on April 11, and are not sure yet if we will be stopping for a short visit in Atlanta…but home soon!

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  2. Lucy-Hello! I took a one-day class with you at the Loft a few months back. And am a follower of your blog. I also am exploring some of the same topics you write about in your stories. I find they ring true for me too, although I am a little ahead of you in years. Check it out at matriarch-me.com. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing and photographs, and sounds I have yet to discover. Debra

    • Hi Debra! I remember you. Thanks for saying hello. I appreciate your kind comments very much. I just visited your website and will follow along now. We do seem to share many interests. I appreciated your post on Forest Bathing, and plan to integrate the contemplative practice you mention in your opening paragraph into my own photography process sometimes. I look forward to staying in touch.

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