Mo(u)rning in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Fires Lyn-Lake ©2020 Lucy Mathews Heegaard

Many friends and family have reached out to my spouse and me to see how Minneapolis is doing right now, so I took a drive through some of our city neighborhoods this morning with my camera. Click the image below to see the photo story.

“…until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mo(u)rning in Minneapolis ©2020 LucyMathewsHeegaard

6 Comments on “Mo(u)rning in Minneapolis

  1. Oh my God Lucy that picture of the man and his itty bitty son. You are gifted. And I am do glad we are friends. /\ bows

  2. I am always proud of you, your words, and your photographs.

  3. Amazing photos Lucy. You’re making this real for me in my isolation. Thank you, even though the reality is heartbreaking.

    • Thank you for your note, Karen. I am glad you are staying home and safe. Isolation is not easy, though. The reality out there was so heartbreaking yesterday. When I passed the first (of several) gas stations with fire still smoldering, all I could think was “our city is burning!” I was so grateful to then see the outpouring of people coming together to help in Lyn-Lake. A balm to witness.

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