At the Intersection

at the intersection in Minneapolis Minnesota where George Floyd was killed

For those who are unable to visit the memorial in Minneapolis that has sprung up at the intersection where George Floyd was killed, I visited this morning and took some photographs. Amidst the sadness, outrage, and prayers, there was also an outpouring of community kindness.

Click the image below to see the photo story.

Mourning George Floyd


9 Comments on “At the Intersection

  1. Thanks for the glimpse into the place and sense of it…so beautifully captured. I used it as a mid-afternoon meditation/ reflection. It was poignant. I appreciate you, your lens on things and what emanates through these photos. xo Soo Lin

  2. Thank you Lucy. Your photo captures many levels of emotion and action. Blessings.

  3. Also, your title of this message resonates as to where we are at this very moment. May we be mindful in our forward steps ahead.

    • Yes! I agree. May we be mindful in our steps in the days, weeks, months, years ahead. It’s going to take a lot of commitment over a long period of time to create real change once and for all.

  4. Thank you Lucy for capturing these images for all of us. Very emotive and powerful. I will not forget. I haven’t visited for myself, but I will.

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