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Cards by Studio-Lu

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Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 2.00.54 PMA N G E L S    The featured song in this card, “Where the Angels Live,” touches themes of comfort, support, hope, love and peace. The image, “Winter’s Love Sonnet” by J. Marion Brown, coupled with the soft periwinkle color create a soothing visual combination. While many find this song to be solace in times of grief, the underlying message extends well beyond the terrain of loss. It serves as a reminder that we each have all the love we need as near as our own heartbeat and breath. The meditation by Barbara McAfee is an uplifting affirmation of life. The instrumental by acclaimed Twin Cities’ guitarist Dean Magraw is delicious treat. The message inside the card is: “where the angels live.”

angelsTrack 1
: “Where the Angels Live”

Track 2: Where the Angels Live Meditation

Track 3: Where the Angels Live Instrumental


Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 1.59.25 PMJ U S T   B R E A T H E    The vibrant pink color of the card coupled with the image of the Dahlia in bloom, titled “Awaken” by photographer J. Marion Brown, invite you to draw in a deep breath before you even have a chance to think. The song “Just Breathe” covers themes of courage, faith, purpose, support and transcendence. The meditation by Eloise Erasmus encourages calm and steady focus on the wisdom and comfort within that help us realize our true purpose. The instrumental, layers Barbara McAfee’s humming voice into a multi-tracked vocal collage that encourages breath and allows pause for peace and relaxation. The message inside the card is: “just breathe.”

breatheTrack 1
: “Just Breathe”

Track 2: Just Breathe Meditation

Track 3: Just Breathe Instrumental


Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 2.05.34 PMW O R D S   U N S P O K E N     Featuring themes of support, connection, giving, receiving and love, this card is about the friendships in life that sustain us. The cover photograph by J. Marion Brown, titled “Interlude,” calls to mind the quiet moments shared with a good friend, listening and being heard. The song “Words Unspoken” narrates the story of a friendship as it evolves over the course of a lifetime. The meditation by Barbara Arney reflects on the power of friendship to nurture and heal and reminds us that even when separated from a dear friend by time or distance, an enduring friendship offers a deep well of support always available to us. Barbara McAfee’s gentle and relaxing piano instrumental gives space to contemplate the friendships for which we are grateful. The message inside is: “a friend so rare.”

wordsTrack 1: “Words Unspoken”

Track 2: Words Meditation

Track 3: Words Instrumental