Greetings with a personal touch

I believe in the lost art of letter writing, in small but personal offerings, in simple words with deep sentiment, expressed to those whom we hold dear in times of joy, as well in times of challenge, or for no reason at all, for that matter. Two of my projects evolved into products to fill this unique niche. You can click on the One True Step or Cards by Studio-Lu links at right to learn more, sample the sounds, and purchase if you’re interested. My supply of the CDs and greeting cards is quickly dwindling and because the digital world is so rapidly making physical CDs obsolete, I don’t plan to reprint either project once they’re sold out. While One True Step is available digitally on iTunes, Cards by Studio-Lu are only available in “real,” tangible form. If you’re a little old-fashioned and a little sentimental like I am, these might be just thing you’re looking for as a gift for a friend.

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